PMU by Marlinda

Your face is your business card.

Thanks to permanent eyebrow make-up, you can regain the natural shape of your eyebrows with a beautiful eyebrow arch that emphasizes your eyes and beauty. Aesthetic and carefully made eyebrow makeup will emphasize your beauty and make your face expressive. It also saves you time and ensures that you no longer have to worry about the unclear shape of your eyebrows.

People judge what they think of you in seconds and you can only make a first impression once.

I learned that being beautiful is a combination of the inside and the outside.
But the outside can sometimes show signs of fatigue, age wrinkles, etc.
If you don't have the time to look perfectly groomed every day,
then permanent make-up (PMU) offers a solution!

A special skin-friendly pigmentation fluid is injected into the skin by means of a fast up-and-down ultra-thin needle . This technique can be applied from eyebrows to eyeliner.
Various techniques are possible, which are described below.

My philosophy is to add only a subtle accent with permanent make-up without really looking made-up
. You have a well-groomed appearance at any time of the day,
whether you are exercising, getting out of the pool, going to the sauna, wiping away a tear at a romantic movie or
immediately getting out of bed. The applied accents let your face speak again at any time of the day.

Important information

A new treatment consists of 2 treatments,
not only to obtain the most beautiful (color) result, but also to enjoy your permanent
make-up for longer. Applying it layer upon layer takes a little more time, but gives a more refined result!
There is a period of 6 weeks between each treatment.

Note: Permanent make-up requires maintenance!
After completing the treatment, it is advisable to undergo a follow-up treatment after about one year.
In this way you are always assured that the color, which was carefully selected with you at the time, remains good and beautiful.

Our working method
During your first appointment, your wishes will be carefully discussed. We will also go through an intake form with you in connection
with any contraindications. On this same form we record all information about the treatment. Choice of color and which technique
is used. You must sign this form. Photos will be taken during the treatment. This is important because
on the basis of photos we can properly determine the shape of, among other things, the eyebrows.

Permanent Makeup

Hair stroke 3d

This method gives the effect of fine, natural hairs and is
ideal for perfecting a thin, too short or too sparse eyebrow. Even if the eyebrows are completely gone,
it is possible to create a completely new eyebrow
using this method.

Price for new, first placement:

€ 375
(consisting of 2 treatments)


Ombre Powder Brows

This is the latest trend in permanent
makeup for eyebrows. With Ombré Powder brows,
the eyebrows are not completely shaded.
The start of the eyebrows is
shaded lighter with darker towards the points, which
gives it a nice overflow but also
looks very soft and natural.

Price for new, first placement:

€ 375
(consisting of 2 appointments)

Nabehandeling Wenkbrauwen

Prijs: € 150

De nabehandeling van de wenkbrauwen bestaat uit één afspraak. De prijs van € 150 is geldig voor klanten die hun eerste PMU in onze salon hebben geplaatst. Deze prijs is enkel mogelijk mits er nog duidelijk restpigmenten zichtbaar zijn en u binnen één tot twee jaar na de laatste behandeling komt voor deze nabehandeling.

Let op: Wanneer dit niet het geval is zullen we weer van vooraf aan moeten beginnen. Het is daarom belangrijk om jaarlijks je PMU na te behandelen.

Komt u voor een nabehandeling maar is uw PMU aangebracht door een andere specialist dienen wij eerst een intake in te plannen om te kijken wat we voor u kunnen betekenen. Ook zal dan bekeken worden wat de kosten daarvan zullen zijn.

Mocht er toch nog een tweede nabehandeling nodig zijn. Dan berekenen wij voor deze 2e nabehandeling € 50 mits binnen 6 weken na de laatste behandeling gemeld bij ons. Dit in verband met extra tijd en naaldkosten.

Permanent makeup

Infralash eyeliner

A subtle line between the eyelash hairs, which
is not comparable to a 'normal' eyeliner above the eyelashes.
This method gives a very natural effect and makes the
lashes look fuller.

Infralash above from € 250
(Consisting of 2 treatments)


Infralash only under

€ 195
(consisting of 2 treatments)

Follow-up treatment from € 130
(consisting of 1 treatment)

Designer eyeliner

This is a full eyeliner that can stand out a bit more, ideal for
those who are used to more make-up or who
draw a line every day.
Very nice in combination with an under eyeliner.

From € 295
Top and bottom from € 395
(Consisting of 2 treatments)
Follow-up treatment from € 140
(consisting of 1 treatment)

"The Rolls Royce of the PMU machine. In addition to this great powerful machine, we also work with the latest acupuncture needles so that the skin suffers as little trauma as possible".

Result photos taken immediately after the treatment

NB! The color becomes even 40% lighter after healing!

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✔ GGD approved

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✔ Affiliated with health insurers


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